St. Barnabas is an active, growing community that provides nurture, support, & guidance to enable all its members to deepen their faith and to carry out Christ's work in the world.

An extension or perhaps part of a continuum of our Liturgy, active Volunteers, and Education is to nurture Christian formation both individually and as a community.  The very phrase Christian formation can be tricky to grasp.  As we seek to be lifelong learners many are also drawn to deepen their interior spiritual lives while we also seek to grow our capacity to serve others as followers of Jesus.  Our church community has its patron Saint Barnabas as one of the multitude of holy women and holy men who have gone before us who inspire us today to actively pursue our faith journeys which are the substance of Christian formation.

Lent 2016 Bible reading;   The Letter of James

Lent 2017 Bible reading:    Book of Psalms

Lent 2018 Bible reading;   The Good Book Club