The Rev. Ted Pardoe


With a simple look back, Rev. Ted gives great thanks to the amazing people of God he got to know over almost 25 years in the parish at Grace Church, Manhattan (10th & Broadway).  He also appreciates the churches that he grew up in outside of Philadelphia and at the New Jersey shore during summer months before moving to New York City in 1979 to begin a job at a bank on Wall Street. However it was the blessed persistence of the good people of Grace Church who steadfastly invited him to become more deeply involved in the faith community that ultimately led him to truly begin to follow Jesus Christ (an unceasing call).  Thus began a spiritual journey that continues to unfold in enriching ways each and every day.

Rev. Ted and his wife Helen were married at Grace Church and the whole family, four now adult children, worshipped there over many years. He took up an invitation to join a small group Bible study, to serve as an overnight host in the homeless shelter, to participate in a local community based organization to improve the quality of life on the Lower East side. These experiences in and through the faith community led him to a new awareness of what it means to follow Jesus. As a pilgrim on this shifting journey, Rev. Ted left his job of almost twenty years at the Wall Street firm and took a position with the Interfaith Center of New York.  Being a lifelong Christian provided a solid foundation and worldview which the interfaith experience expanded in amazing ways given the religious diversity present in and around the City. 

This engaging work prompted Rev. Ted to realize that he needed to explore his Christian tradition in greater depth.  He enrolled in a Masters of Divinity program, although he was not formally in the ordination process, at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. His first day of class was Sept. 11, 2001. Yes God works in mysterious ways. After receiving his degree, several further signs from God appeared to suggest that this pilgrim’s journey was actually about a call to ordained ministry. He discussed this sense with his priest and it was agreed to present the situation to the Diocese of New York. Rev. Ted was made a postulant and informed by the Bishop that he would also enroll in a Masters of Sacred Theology program at General Theological Seminary also in New York City.

The same Bishop ordained Rev. Ted in 2009.  An invitation was made to join the clergy team at Grace Church. Indeed the sweet mysteries of God. His primary responsibilities beyond learning how to serve a parish as a priest included shepherding new people into the parish which included an emphasis on adult education and working with the active Mission & Outreach Committee of the parish along with several roles within the Diocese of New York.

The St. Barnabas Church Search Committee invited Rev. Ted to submit his resume to the pool of candidates in the summer of 2011.  He excitedly accepted the call to become the fourth Rector of the church and led his first worship service in June 2012. It has been a stirring experience for him to seek to serve the parish and to be a clergy leader in the Greenwich community.


A few life and church highlights:


Brown Brothers Harriman banker

All Saints’ Church, Bay Head, NJ – Vestry

Grace Church, NY – Vestry, Warden & Treasurer

The Little French Church, NY – Vestry

Interfaith Center of New York, SVP

Various not-for-profit board activities, NY & CT        


The Rev. Sandy Key

Senior Associate 

The Rev’d Sanford (Sandy) Key is a retired police officer from Charleston (SC), who decided to give up enforcing man’s law to pursue a life in ministry — and trying to understand God’s law (emphasis on trying). He and his wife Laura, moved to Sewanee, Tennessee, where he studied for a Masters of Divinity at the School of Theology, University of the South. In 1996, Laura and Sandy’s first son, Brighton, was born during their last year in seminary (thus in one broad stroke gave him the monikers of Father and daddy). In 2001, Laura and Sandy’s second son, Christopher, was born while Fr. Sandy was serving as the Episcopal Chaplain to The Citadel, Charleston, SC. (During that time of ministry, while on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, Citadel Cadets gave him yet another moniker: Padre.) 

Fr. Sandy comes to us after serving as a Rector and Associate Rector in New York. Prior to his arrival in the Diocese of New York, Fr. Sandy served several churches throughout the South, in particular, Charlotte, NC; Charleston, SC; and Williamsburg, VA. He is still a southerner at heart, expect bow ties and seersucker in the summer…good natured ribbing expected.

In his former positions as a priest, among other things, Fr. Sandy served the different communities in a variety of ways including volunteering as a New York State Fire Chaplain, City of Rye Police Chaplain, the City of Rye and Town of Somers Volunteer Fire Department Chaplains. He also served on the boards of At Home in Somers (an eldercare alliance) and the Whole Child Coalition for the school district. Additionally, Fr. Sandy created a church Food Pantry, a church Golf League, a Theology on Tap Forum and a Tuesdays with Sandy+ Adult Forum.

Fr. Sandy first discovered his call to ministry while in Haiti as a teen. Ever since his ordination, with his heart pointedly leaning towards outreach and mission, he has been actively involved throughout the island of Hispaniola. Over the past two decades, he could be found leading mission teams in the Dominican Republic (which may also find a space on our church calendar), and he continues to follow that passion today as he serves on an advisory board that oversees mission work throughout the country.

Former church experience at a glance:

·      Associate Rector at Christ’ Church, Rye, New York

·      Rector at Saint Luke’s Church, Somers, New York

·      Associate Rector at Bruton Parish Church and  College Chaplain         the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA

·      Curate at The Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul, and
       College Chaplain to The Citadel, Military College of South                   Carolina, Charleston, SC

·      Deacon at Christ Church, Charlotte, NC

·      Long-Term Intern at Saint Stephen’s, Charleston, SC

Publications:     Disciples of Christ in Community 16-20 University of the South Publications, Sewanee, TN, 2000; Co-Creator and Author