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Children's Church

Children’s Church at St. Barnabas takes place at least two Sundays each month throughout the year (usually on the first and third Sundays) with all aspects of the service adapted to be accessible, fun and engaging for anyone of any age. During these services, our children participate with their parents in services of their own design held in the

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Parish Hall Children’s Chapel with a special Children’s Creed, animated stories from the Bible, special scripture reading, a children’s confession and traditional worship elements all adapted for our special community.  Everyone gathered gains tools for prayer—for connecting with God—well beyond the Sunday church time and particularly at home and with family.  We especially love celebrating our children’s’ birthdays with a special blessing as well as honoring all other occasions considered meaningful for our community.

At the end of the Children’s service (usually about 10:30), parents and children form a procession with the cross held high and move to the sanctuary to join fellow parishioners in Holy Communion. We enthusiastically invite our children to gather around the priest at the altar in the front of the sanctuary as the priest leads the congregation in the Eucharistic prayers. By joining the priest at the altar, children of St. Barnabas become an integral part of the main service.

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