St. Barnabas is an active, growing community that provides nurture, support, & guidance to enable all its members to deepen their faith and to carry out Christ's work in the world.

954 Lake Avenue · Greenwich, CT 06831

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Mid-September through early June, children ages pre-k through confirmation (12-13) meet in three classes each Sunday to learn about God’s story and for prayer and worship.  Adults of the church—many of whom have more than 20 years of experience—teach Church School classes and lead fun activities and crafts that reinforce the biblical stories.  

As children progress in knowledge and age, they are encouraged to become more active learners as well as participants in the worship life of the full congregation as readers, acolytes and outreach participants (with their parents).  With confirmation (usually around 7th grade), children begin the formal discernment process for their personal calling to Christian service both within and beyond the church.  

All programs for children at St. Barnabas are a cooperative work of clergy with experienced adult leadership; several teachers have worshiped at St. Barnabas lifelong.  The Church School at St. Barnabas is also a mix of new-age, enabling technologies and timeless, consistent traditions coming together on our beautiful hilltop nestled in the back country of Greenwich. We have opened a family ministries resource center in one of our former classrooms where adults as well as children may engage in play and study using the curriculum resources for Church School.

We believe that God’s mission extends far beyond the church walls and our community, so we want children and their families to be able to learn about God at all times and in all places.  In this way, we can nurture our young to understand Christ’s example of perfect love and its constant presence in and around them. 

For more information about Family Ministries, please contact Charlie Bauer, Wisdom Year Resident, by phone (203) 661-5526 ext. 12 or email at

Church School for Children 
Sundays, mid-September to early June, 9:45 a.m.-10:35​ a.m.
​Pre-k through 1st grade
2nd through 4th grades
5th grade+ youth 

​St. Barnabas thinks of children as its greatest treasure and takes seriously the words of Jesus that “to enter the Kingdom of Heaven” we must all be like children.  Church School and worship represent the core of the program for children, youth and their families at St. Barnabas.  
Family Ministries